Mouse Art

February 7, 2011

This picture was made by a mouse.

Not the cute fuzzy kind that love cheese, but the kind that we all use everyday to navigate the web and/or do our work.  Whether you’re paying your bills, checking your email, annoying your Facebook friends with inane status reports, searching for a recipe, or just wasting time on the Internet, your computer’s mouse makes a journey each day of which you are unaware.  A journey of miles in some cases.

Check out this interesting study about computer mouse fatigue for some intriguing facts like this one:

“One ounce (of grip) is very little and fingers and thumbs, when gripping a mouse, can and typically do, apply much more. But if just one ounce of grip is applied (each second) for a total of three hours a day, it is equivalent to 6,700 lbs of grip (if it were all applied for one second) or 3.38 Tons of ‘mouse grip’ a day, some 750 Tons a year.”

Back to mouse art.  The following freeware turns your “mousing” into “art” by running a little mouse tracking application in the background while you go about your business.  The “art” above was made over a period of about 3 hours while I was web surfing.  Though the program is obviously not Earth-shattering in importance, I am still intrigued by the simplicity of the program as it turns an otherwise innocuous act into a visually stimulating graphic.

I’ve checked it for viruses, but I encourage you to check it again as a cautionary measure.

Download for PC here

Download for MAC here

Download for LINUX and other here

Or, go to their website and download it directly from them!  Make sure to leave them a donation if you like it.

If you thought the mouse fatigue study was interesting, or if you are prone to repetitive stress injury from mousing too much, you should check out Designer Appliances Inc and see if any of their products will work for you.  I’ve never tried any of their products, but they look interesting.  If any of my readers have used any of their products, please leave a review down in the comments.